Stacie Billis is a pop culture obsessed cookbook writer, food editor, and podcaster who loves a good whiskey cocktail.

Praised for her non-judgmental approach and laid-back cooking style, Stacie is all about bringing joy back to busy family kitchens. Because she knows that everyone loves to gather and eat — the cooking part just needs to be easier to accomplish. She helps with that.

“Food media for parents treats the job of cooking for our families either as an onerous task or a competition over who can raise the most Instagrammable kale-eating children. I'd rather give parents tools that empower them to feed their families however they think is best and champion moderation, understanding, and food freedom for all.”

Ever the kitchen problem solver, Stacie uses her books, podcast, videos, television appearances, social media, brand partnerships, and any other projects she can make happen to reach busy cooks wherever they are with simple recipes, pro tips, clever tricks, and smart shortcuts that help them get homemade (and semi-homemade) meals on their tables in their way, on their time, within their budgets.

Finding Cooks Where They Are

Stacie’s work is regularly featured in prominent print and digital publications, from Every Day With Rachael Ray to Redbook. It all started with Stacie’s award-winning (and now retired), One Hungry Mama, one of the original family food blogs. After that, Stacie served as the founding Food Editor in Chief at the wildly popular Cool Mom Picks network.

You may catch Stacie on TV from time to time and on social media, well, a lot. She loves getting in front of the camera to share her pro tips and recipes with other busy working parents. She also works with brands she loves to help spread word on how their products can make kitchen life easier.

Stacie earned her MA in Child Development at Teacher’s College, Columbia University and currently lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and two boys, who are growing up too fast. Probably because of what she feed them — Nutella notwithstanding.

Didn’t I Just Feed You

Didn’t I Just Feed You is a weekly food podcast for parents — even the ones who don’t like to cook. Because their kids need to eat all the time too!

Tired with how traditional food media fails to meet busy parents’ needs in the kitchen, Stacie and her co-host, Meghan, decided to take matters into their own (professional) hands. Every week, the ladies wield their culinary prowess, sharing expert insights, practical tips, and easy recipes to help make family meals a reality. And maybe even a joy?

Too much to ask? Maybe, but at least they’ll make you laugh. Because as busy, working moms, Stacie and Meghan know the struggle is real.

Stacie’s Cookbooks

Stacie’s first book, Make It Easy: 120 Mix-and-Match Recipes to Cook From Scratch with Smart Store-Bought Shortcuts When You Need Them, is a real-life manual of just healthy enough family recipes with a convenient guide to the healthiest shortcuts in every supermarket for busy parents and their kids — even the picky ones.

Stacie’s second book (Storey Publishing) is set to publish in Spring, 2020.


Working with Stacie

Stacie is a leading expert in the family food space with over 12 years of experience called on by brands, publications, and networks for recipe and content development, media appearances, and public speaking.

To work with Stacie on food writing, editing, and recipe development projects, or to learn about sponsored partnerships, including ones for Didn’t I Just Feed You, email

Example partnerships include:

syndicated media tours | television & live media appearances | spokesperson & speaking engagements | conference attendance & event hosting | sponsored content creation | podcast ads| branded videos

You can learn more by downloading Stacie’s media kit.


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